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One of the best parts about cannabis is that it is an all-natural way to help you fall asleep. Too often, people who have trouble falling asleep are forced to turn to medicines and prescription pharmaceuticals to find the rest they so badly need, but now a simple dose of THC just might do the trick! One great way to help you fall asleep is smoking a pre-roll before you go to sleep.

A cannabis pre-roll is just what it sounds like, a pre-rolled joint filled with marijuana that is ready to be enjoyed as soon as possible. If you use the right strain of cannabis, a pre-roll can put you right to sleep! Off the Charts is a cannabis dispensary with locations around California, and below we list 5 of the best pre-rolls for sleep.


Indica is a name for the strain of cannabis that creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere for the user. Due to these effects, most pre-rolls for sleep use Indica flower, especially if you are unable to sleep because of issues dealing with persistent stress and anxiety. Indica creates a mellow high that is perfect for melting into a mattress and getting some sleep.


Sativa typically is not the best pre-roll for sleep. The sativa strains of cannabis tend to give the user energy and excitement, which is the opposite of what you want before you go to sleep. However, everyone reacts to marijuana differently, and some people find that sativa pre-rolls do a great job of relieving pain or anxiety that could be preventing sleep.


Hybrid pre-rolls contain both Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis, making for a balanced and unique experience. The combination of the effects of both Sativa and Indica can be the perfect sleep aid for some, as the energy of the Sativa is tempered by the relaxing qualities of the Indica. Some people do not like the intense effects of Indica, and they dull it by mixing it with Sativa so they can be comfortably high before they go to sleep.


CBD can also help you sleep, with the relaxing effects helping you drift off into your dreams. However, some research has shown that the relaxation that comes from CBD is best unlocked with low levels of THC, so a CBD & THC hybrid pre-roll is the perfect joint to enjoy right before bed. Mixing a high level of CBD with a low level of THC can get you into the mood to snooze.


There are a few CBD-only pre-rolls, but the effects are usually so mild that they do not help with sleeping. However, you might want to try it and see if smoking CBD flower is the best way for you to fall asleep at bedtime.


If you are having trouble sleeping, a pre-roll can help. However, choosing the right type of pre-roll can be daunting, and that is where the budtenders at Off The Charts in California can help. They can help find the perfect pre-roll to help you fall asleep, taking into account your tolerance and specific causes of your sleeping issues.

If you are not interested in smoking a pre-roll, we can also point you to a variety of different edibles, tinctures, beverages, and more! If you are ready to get a solid night of sleep seven days a week, stop by your local Off The Charts dispensary today.

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