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Gummies are one of the most popular (and tasty) ways to enjoy the soothing benefits of THC. This popularity has led to a huge surge in THC gummies brands, with dozens of companies producing gummies that get you high. With all of these brands competing for your attention, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which gummy is the best THC edible.

Off The Charts, a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary with locations throughout California, is here to help. We have put together a list of the five best THC gummies brands. To sample some of these splendid weed gummy brands, visit your closest Off The Charts location today!


Korova is one of the most respected cannabis companies in the industry, producing high-quality products for over two decades. They only use potent plants that create gummies that guarantee you get the experience you are looking for. Korova is also known for creating delicious edibles that are a treat to eat, regardless of the added THC.


Kushy Punch has long been the top-selling gummy in California, creating a great reputation for its line of products. Kushy Punch has been making gummies that get you high for a long time, and as a result, they have a huge selection of different flavors. Choose from enticing gummies with THC that taste like watermelon, strawberry basil, lemonade, peach passion fruit, and much more! A great added bonus is that they also offer sugar-free THC gummies, allowing you to enjoy all of the effects of the edible without adding any sugar to your diet.


If you like all-natural and organic food and beverages, Goldmine Gummies is the weed gummy brand for you! Goldmine products and edibles are all 100% natural, providing you with a guilt-free THC gummy. Not only that, but Goldmine Gummies are also vegan, allowing those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to enjoy the product without any concerns. One final perk is that Goldmine Gummies are melt-proof, meaning you can pack them on even the hottest day and not worry about the gummy losing its consistency or shape.


District Edibles are an edible gummy brand that offers a mouthwatering variety of flavors, and its line of gummies has become known for its enticing taste. With names like “Orange Giant”, “Atomic Apple”, Watermelon Wormhole”, and “Radiation Raspberry”, you can almost feel the excitement bursting through the product’s packaging. Not only that, but each gummy is individually packed, making precise dosage easy and eliminating the possibility of the gummies melting together. Another reason why many think District Edibles is one of the best weed gummy brands is that all products are made from scratch using quality ingredients, and each serving only has 3 grams of sugar and 10 calories.


Care by Design is an edible gummy brand that specializes in providing gummies with a combination of THC and CBD. Gummies that get you high with both THC and CBD create an eloquent balance between the psychoactive properties of THC and the relaxing effects of CBD to create a balanced and relaxing high. Another perk of Care By Design edibles is you can choose your gummy based on the intended effect, allowing you to take a THC edible that is aimed to make you relax, focus, rest, or feel pain relief.


The influx of weed gummy brands can make all of the new options hard to track, and that is why you should turn to the experts at Off the Charts in California. At all of our locations, we have experienced budtenders who can help you pick out the ideal edible gummy brands for your specific needs. We can help you find a THC gummy with the perfect flavor profile, intended effect, packaging, and dietary preferences, creating the perfect edible experience. If you are interested in learning more or would like to purchase the very best THC edibles, please stop by one of our California locations today.

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