Cannabis Clones = Shorter Harvest Time & Less Money

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If you’ve spent much time in the cannabis community, then you know that people can get quite enthusiastic about what they consider “the best”, whether it’s a rolling paper, a method of consumption, or a weed strain. Well, the same is true for cannabis cultivation. Some cannabis growers believe that starting from seeds is the only way to go, and we have to agree that there certainly are some great benefits. Others prefer growing from cannabis clones, and there are benefits to that too. We’re not taking sides here, but if you want to save time and money, or if you’re just starting out with cannabis cultivation, you may want to consider growing with cannabis clones.


A  cannabis clone is an exact genetic copy of the mother plant. Cloning is a fairly simple concept, similar to the propagation of a houseplant, where a cutting is taken from the plant and then potted and grown in its own soil. The specific process for successful clonal reproduction of cannabis is a bit more complex than your typical houseplant, but the idea is the same.  The clone retains the exact traits of the mother plant, including the cannabinoids, the effect, the smell and taste, pest resistance, and so on. Cloning from the healthiest plants and consistently adhering to best practices during the cutting and germination phases will yield the best results.


Honestly, it’s incredible to plant a seed and watch a new plant push through the earth, but if you’re ok with skipping that step, then try a few cannabis clones. The benefits of growing with cannabis clones include:

  • Shorter harvest time

Starting with a clone rather than a seed can save you a few weeks to a month of growing time. A seed has to germinate, sprout, and grow its first leaves. But the clone already has a complete vascular system and developed leaves.

  • Save money

If you have your own mother plant, you won’t need to buy new seeds to make new plants. Of course, you’ll have the expense of maintaining the health of your mother plant, but that’s part of the fun, right? Then, when you see an actively growing shoot, you can make a clone for FREE.

  • More efficient

All of your clones from the same mother plant will require the same growing conditions, watering schedules, nutrient dosages, and overall care, making their cultivation much more efficient than if you had a bunch of cannabis plants with different needs.

  • All female plants

Home growers who are not interested in breeding or harvesting seeds don’t have much need for male plants. The plants that produce the potent flowers we enjoy so much are female. A clone taken from a female plant will always be female, so you won’t have to be on alert for any male plants threatening to pollinate.  Knowing you have all female plants means you can rest easy and enjoy the abundance of fat, beautiful buds your clones produce.

  • Predictability

Some people like variety and surprise, even when growing cannabis, so growing with seeds is probably the best bet for them. Others love predictability. Growing cannabis clones is a good option for those who like to know what they’re going to get before they get it.

Of course, your cannabis clones are only as good as the plant they came from, so if you’re not starting from your own mother plant, be sure you’re getting your clones from a reputable source.


At Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary in Vista and Palm Springs, CA, we have a huge selection of cannabis clones for sale, and our team of cannabis experts can help you find the ones that suit your preferences, your level of experience, and your lifestyle. To learn more about marijuana clones or to inquire about the types of clones currently available, call us today at (760) 330-9599.

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