Cannabis Use For PTSD Sufferers

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, is a debilitating condition. For those who have witnessed traumatic events or experienced some kind of past trauma, PTSD is a constant and cruel reminder of something terrible that took place in the past. For decades, researchers have been looking for an effective way to treat its symptoms, with little success. One treatment that has at least shown anecdotal success is cannabis, but there has been little research to back up these claims. However, with the legalization of cannabis in many US states, new research is emerging that touts the benefits of using cannabis to treat the symptoms of PTSD.


PTSD is a disorder that impacts people who have been a part of a traumatic incident, and as a result, they are having difficulty recovering from being a part of or witnessing a horrible event. There are often “triggers” that remind an individual of the incident, and this brings about a number of debilitating symptoms that makes it hard for them to continue with their normal, everyday life.


PTSD impacts each individual differently, as the specific symptoms can oftentimes depend on the nature of the trauma at the origin of the disorder. Some of the most common symptoms include emotional unrest, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and nightmares. In most cases, symptoms will be triggered by an incident or action that makes them harken back to the original traumatic incident.


There have been two recent studies that strongly suggest that cannabis can help PTSD sufferers cope with the symptoms of the disorder. Below, we detail some of the exciting findings!

Cannabis Can Reduce the Brain’s Response to Threats

The first study suggests that cannabis can help dull the brain’s response to fear and threats. Those who suffer from PTSD are usually triggered by fear and threats, so if cannabis can reduce the activity of the part of the brain that responds to these stimuli, there is hope that it will help reduce the symptoms. This also suggests that cannabis can reduce anxiety and stress in general.

Cannabis Can Help Reduce Traumatic Memories

Traumatic memories are one of the main causes of PTSD, so evidence that cannabis can help reduce traumatic memories gives hope that cannabis can be an effective treatment. Most people who experience a traumatic incident tend to forget the danger associated with the memory in around 6 months, but those with PTSD can feel threatened by the memory for decades. These findings suggest that cannabis can help PTSD sufferers “forget” the danger they feel with certain triggers, which will help them overcome it.


If you have suffered some kind of past trauma that still haunts you today, you may want to try cannabis and see if it is effective in battling the symptoms of PTSD. Experts are still trying to determine all of the benefits of cannabis, but recent research suggests that using cannabis may help reduce the symptoms associated with PTSD.

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