Culinary Cannabis - How Do You Eat And Drink Cannabis?

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Eating is the new smoking, at least when it comes to cannabis. While smoking has been the most popular way to ingest cannabis over the years, the legalization of cannabis has transformed the way you can experience the effects of the plant. Now there are hundreds of exciting and unique culinary cannabis products that are delicious to digest! Read on to learn more about how to eat and drink cannabis.


Eating and drinking cannabis has been elevated to an art form. Before the legalization of cannabis, if you wanted to eat THC you would likely eat a brownie that some friend made in their basement. The brownie would have an undetermined amount of cannabis in it, which would lead to widely unpredictable results in the hours to come. Nowadays, there are tasty treats that have been carefully dosed with a specific amount of THC so you know exactly what to expect. Not only that, there is a huge variety of products, from gummies to cookies to beverages to fine dining!


Cooking with cannabis can be tricky. The volatile nature of THC means that each item must be cooked just right because if you overcook it you might negate the intended effects. That is why many people choose to purchase prepackaged products to help them cook with cannabis.

One of the easiest to use products is cannabutter. Cannabutter is butter that is infused with cannabis, and it is simple and easy to add to pretty much any product. For example, you can add the cannabutter to cookie batter, pasta, meat, or really anything to transform any meal into something special! Some other popular cannabis products include cannabis-infused olive oil, honey, and sugar.


As stated above, edibles have come a long way since the days of “magic brownies”. Nowadays, you have hundreds of cannabis edibles to choose from, all of which are safe and perfectly dosed. The most common edible are gummies, as these sugary snacks are easy to travel with and are very durable. However, just go to a local cannabis dispensary and choose the edible that looks the tastiest!


There are now dozens of different types of cannabis beverages, allowing you to drink a THC-infused substance. You can find sodas, non-alcoholic beers, juices, and much more! Beverages work very similarly to other types of edibles, although you may find that the effects hit you a little quicker when you drink them versus eating them.


The key to trying any edible for the first time is to start low and go slow. That means start with a very small amount of THC, and then wait a few hours to feel the effects. Most suggest starting with 1-3 milligrams, and if you are fine after an hour or two, bump it up to 5 milligrams. As your tolerance goes up and you have a better understanding of the effects of the edibles, you can bump up your consumption even more to suit your needs.


If you are interested in eating or drinking cannabis, come to Off the Charts cannabis dispensary. We have a vast selection of cannabis beverages and edibles, allowing you to pick the one that looks the most delicious. If you are unsure which edible is best for you, our budtenders can walk you through each and every product, explaining how they taste and the possible effects and benefits. Take a look at our edibles menu online to see a sample of the items we offer today!

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