How Long Does A Weed High Actually Last

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There’s nothing quite like a good, smooth cannabis high to help you relax, de-stress, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. But certain occasions may call for a little more clear-headedness. Of course, that will mean something different for everyone. Where one person may not want to be high when meeting the in-laws for the first time, another may feel the opposite. Regardless of when clear-headedness is called for in your life, it may help to know approximately how long a weed high lasts so you can plan your day accordingly.


As with most things weed-related, the answer to this question depends on a number of different factors, including your body chemistry, your tolerance, what type of product you ingest (and how), and how much THC it contains. So let’s look at each of these factors one at a time.

Your body chemistry

Have you ever noticed that two different people can take a single hit of the exact same product and have a totally different experience? One might be all blissed out within a few minutes, and the other still waiting to feel something an hour later. That’s because our bodies respond differently, depending on our metabolism, chemical makeup, and other factors.

Your tolerance level

Cannabis tolerance refers to how used to cannabis your body is. Tolerance is associated with cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1R). The more you have in your system, the higher your tolerance level, and the more you’ll need to consume to achieve a high. Also, the higher your tolerance level, the quicker your high will typically end. You can reset by taking a break for a few weeks. After that time, you’ll probably find that your high sets in sooner and lasts longer. The frequency of consumption isn’t the only thing that affects your tolerance, however. Age and body chemistry could also play a role.

Type of product

Whether you smoke, vape, or consume cannabis edibles will affect the strength and duration of your high.  Generally, smoking and vaping tend to have faster onset times than edibles, for example, but the high usually dissipates quicker as well.  Edibles usually have the latest onset time but the longest-lasting effect of all the delivery methods, so make sure to dose your edibles correctly.

How much you consume

If you just take a tiny puff and call it a day, chances are your high won’t last quite as long as if you smoke a whole joint.

How much THC is in your product

Remember that tiny puff vs whole joint we just mentioned? Well, if the tiny puff contains high amounts of THC and the whole joint contains really low levels, you may find that the high you get from the tiny puff actually lasts longer. When consuming edibles, be sure to read the labels carefully and dose slowly. Increasing the dose before the first one kicks in could result in unwanted side effects and a high that lasts longer than you want it to.

Whether you’re planning your day and want to be sure the high dissipates before an important event or you’re currently high and want to know how long it will last, there’s really no single number we can give you. In general, your high may last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, give or take.


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