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These days, healthy living is more important than ever, especially in Southern California.  But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your cannabis. Vaporizers offer a healthier and safer alternative to smoking your weed through a bong or a pipe. Tabletop vapes, portable vapes, and vape pens use heating mechanisms to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes and convert them to vapor. This method has a number of advantages over smoking your weed, including:

  • Easier on your lungs – Vaporization happens at a lower temperature than combustion,  so you get more of the good stuff (cannabinoids) and less of the bad stuff (carcinogens and tar).
  • More distinct flavors – The lower temperature also allows you to experience more subtlety in the flavors of your weed.
  • Discretion – Vaping doesn’t produce much of an odor, which means you can consume your weed more discreetly.
  • Adjustable high – Some devices allow you to adjust the temperature, which enables you to adjust the high as well. You can maximize the flavor and decrease the bodily effects for an easy daytime high, or optimize the THC and increase the bodily effects as well.

Below, we give you a brief overview of how to vape your weed with tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vaporizer pens. Different products are designed for different purposes, so following the instructions and guidelines that come with your specific device is key. If you’ve purchased a device that’s meant to be used repeatedly, be sure to pay special attention to the assembly instructions, use the correct batteries or other power source, and consume only the recommended products that your unit was designed for. This way, you’ll be able to keep your cannabis vaporizer functioning beautifully for as long as possible.


A tabletop or desktop vaporizer is a device that uses advanced vaping technology to deliver long-lasting, high-quality vapor. Typically reserved for at-home usage, these units plug into the wall and connect directly to the power source, which supports a sophisticated heating system. Desktop vapes tend to produce a smooth-tasting vapor and a superior vaping experience. As with all vaping devices it’s important to follow the specific directions included with your tabletop vaporizer. But in general, they work as described below.

Plug in and turn on your device so it can start heating up. Grind the cannabis flower, load it inside the heating chamber (often referred to as an oven), and seal it. Some tabletop vaporizers come with their own standard temperature setting that can’t be changed. Others will allow you to adjust the temp yourself. Take long, slow inhales and savor the flavor. When the vapor cloud begins to thin out and the flavor dissipates, it’s time to reload.


A portable dry herb vaporizer works in a similar way as the tabletop vape, but, as the name suggests, it’s designed for mobile use. Portable vapes are great for camping or for beach bonfires, or other outdoor locations where you may find yourself without a direct-connection power source. The portable vape is powered by batteries, so just make sure it’s fully charged before you hit the road.  In addition to the batteries, it consists of a heating chamber (where you place the herb), a heating element (which heats the herb), and a temperature dial (not in all cases). Here’s a general idea of how to use one:

Make sure your device is fully charged. Turn it on and let it heat up. Grind your herb and pack the chamber, but not too tightly. Set the temperature according to the instructions on your device and your preferred experience (320°-355° for lighter effects and great flavor;  356°-391° for toasty flavor and increased bodily sensation; and 392°+ for cooked flavor and bodily effects that can border on couch lock). Inhale long and slow to get the most out of your cannabis and enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Cannabis concentrates are small concentrations of the active ingredients in cannabis. With THC levels ranging from 50%-80%, they deliver a higher potency and a stronger flavor than flower, which typically has THC levels around 10% to 25%. Concentrates are the preferred choice of cannabis consumption for those looking for a more powerful high or those in need of instant relief from chronic pain, migraines, and other health conditions. Some vaporizers are designed specifically for cannabis oil. Others can be used for dry flower and concentrates. You’ll want to make sure you’re the right device for vaping concentrates. In general, they work similarly to dry flower vaporizers, with just a few differences.

Make sure your device is fully charged. Turn it on and let it heat up. Because concentrates tend to be sticky, it’s best to use a dab tool to load the oven. Some devices come with a cap that you first spread with the concentrate and then insert into the chamber. Either way, you’ll also want to take care not to overfill and clog up the chamber. Depending on your particular device, you may be able to adjust the temperature to your liking. Again, inhale long and slow, taking consistent drags in order to get a nice even vaporization.


Concentrate vape pens are a super easy and convenient way to consume your concentrates on the go. Their small compact shape makes them affordable and easy to stash in a pocket or a backpack. Reusable vape pens consist of a battery and a cartridge—the battery is reusable, and the cannabis-oil-filled cartridge is disposable. Other vape pens come as a complete disposable set that’s already filled with the cannabis oil so you can turn it on, heat it up, and inhale all those good cannabis flavors wherever you are. Vape pens are great for beginners, and the all-in-one single-use vape sets make great party favors as well.

For reusable vape pens, make sure the battery is charged first. Then load the cartridge according to the instructions, fastening it tightly to the battery. If your unit has a button to push before the draw, go ahead and do that. Otherwise, just auto-draw. When it comes to concentrate vape pens, which can only be used with distillate or oil cartridges, the long, slow draw helps to keep you from overheating your cannabis oil. If you taste a burnt flavor, it may be due to low-quality batteries and the degradation of your cannabis from excessive heat.

If you’re still not sure how to get started vaping, come into one of our shops in Vista or Palm Springs, and we’ll help get you set up.

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