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If you’re in search of the perfect high, it’s best to start with a general idea of what you’re looking for. Knowing whether you’re craving deep euphoria or a perky buzz will help get you one step closer to finding the weed strain best suited for your needs. Indica-dominant strains, for example, are well-known for their more sedation-inducing and stress-relieving properties. Sativa strains, on the other hand, provide an energy boost and get the creative juices flowing. Within the two species, though, you’ll find even more strains that have been bred for certain characteristics. Some will have higher levels of THC, making them more potent. Others will have lower levels, producing less intoxication. Start here if you’re looking for a good strong Indica high. Here are 5 potent indica strains you’ll find at Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary.


Strawnana – Also known as Strawberry Banana, this indica-dominant hybrid has a sweet fruity taste and packs a powerful punch at 22%-26% THC. It’s no surprise that this strain has won a ton of awards. People love the happy, peaceful effects it provides along with a beautiful sense of euphoria. Excellent for relaxing evenings as well as the relief of chronic pain, depression, and sleep problems.


Kosher Kush – At 22%-25% THC, this high-potency award-winning indica strain provides deep serenity of body and mind for powerful relaxation and stress relief. Reported to induce deep, heavy sleep as well as long-lasting relief for pain and anxiety.


Granddaddy Purple – Another indica-dominant hybrid, this one hails from the Big Bud and Purple Urkle lineages. It contains 20%-27% THC, provides trippy visions and other lightly psychedelic effects, and has a super sweet grape flavor profile. In addition to the euphoria and deep relaxation this strain provides, it’s also known as a great treatment for muscle spasms, insomnia, and pain.


Skywalker OG – A potent indica strain boasting 85% indica and 20%-25% THC, Skywalker OG will lull you into a heavy, stoney body high and a sweet euphoric head high before guiding you into the deep and dreamy sleep zone. With 2% CBD, it’s also said to have some strong medicinal properties that work well for relieving stress, chronic pain, and depression.


Grease Monkey – This indica-dominant hybrid strain hails from the Gorilla Glue and Cookies and Cream lineage and contains a whopping 25%-27% THC. The relaxation effects creep up and drift into a hazy floating experience that provides the perfect wind-down at the end of a long, stressful day. Also known to help treat nausea, appetite loss, and headaches.


These five strains are just a small sampling of the variety of indica-heavy strains available at Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary. We should note here that beginners consuming these potent indica strains may want to take it easy to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the effects. If you’re interested in browsing our shop further but want to search for strains with lower potency levels, choose “Flower” from the Categories menu, and then scroll down to the adjustment tool we’ve provided to help you refine your search according to the THC levels. Or give us a call at 760-330-9599 and we’ll help guide you through the process of choosing the best products for your needs.

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